WELL Health-Safety Rated

Kilroy is embracing WELL Certifications and Health-Safety Ratings, a performance-based system for measuring, certifying, and monitoring features of the built environment that impact the health, safety, and happiness of our partners. Being WELL Health-Safety Rated, 2240 and 2250 East Imperial Hwy has achieved recognition on the following six health-safety themes:

  • Cleaning and Sanitization Procedures
  • Emergency Preparedness Programs
  • Health Service Resources
  • Air & Water Quality Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Communication
  • Innovation

We’re proud to recognize these features that promote best practices in design and construction to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Green Cleaning

Kilroy Realty has always used the most advanced green cleaning products and practices in all of our buildings. We are constantly searching for the latest information and technology on green cleaning and update our cleaning services whenever we see an opportunity to further minimize the environmental impact of our custodial practices. Some examples of our methods include utilizing sustainable green cleaning products and equipment, optimizing the use and maintenance of entryway systems to reduce the amount of foreign matter tracked into the building, and incorporating environmental safety and health training for all janitorial cleaning personnel.

Water Conservation

Kilroy Realty is deeply committed to doing our part to conserve water in drought-stricken California. We recently installed irrigation controls at Kilroy Airport Center which will help us save over 2.7 million gallons of water over the next three years. Reduced water usage results in lower utility costs – a savings passed on to you.

Indoor Air Quality

Optimal indoor air quality is vital to good health. We at Kilroy Realty recognize this and as such, have a robust building health program that promotes and verifies great indoor air quality (IAQ). To learn more about our IAQ and other policies, please see our Environmental Management System . You can also visit the EPA’s website to learn what you can do to improve the indoor air quality in your workplace or home:

Energy Conservation

We are always looking for ways to conserve energy in our buildings and Kilroy Airport Center is no exception! We have completed multiple energy-saving projects at KAC such as upgrading our HVAC system from pneumatic control to a direct digital control (DDC), improving thermal comfort and increasing energy efficiency and replacing the garage and building exterior compact florescent lighting with LEDs.


Diverting waste away from landfills is great for the environment and it lowers our refuse bill – a savings that is ultimately passed back to you. Kilroy Airport Way has a robust waste diversion program that includes recycling and compost services. Increasing our waste diversion will require everyone’s participation. Please visit Waste Management to learn more tips.


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